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  • The Hollies "Stop Stop Stop"

    this was a very strange record for this group but it really was a fascinating song and arrangement for various reasons that I'll talk about in this 60's Music Blog post but for starters, where in terms of British Invasion Pop records do you hear banjos? I mean I can only think of one other record from the British Invasion where the prominet instrument was the Banjo (Lady Godiva by Peter and Gordon) but other then that records that have a banjo as the main instrument even in America in this era of popular music were hard to come by but not only that but the lead guitar player in this group (Tony Hicks) managed to make the banjo sound like a Middle Eastern instrument very similar to the citar, mainly because it has this very droning quality to it probably because the song's harmony is based off of a very droning chord (the D dominant 7th chord). and really what this song is about is something that definitely no kids should hear because the subject matter of this song and the story it tells is very X rated for popular music of this time. the song starts out with a guy walking into a strip club and him encountering a belly dancer and basically the whole song is about his one to one face to face encounter with this belly dancer and she is described in almost expclicit detail in this song but not explicit enough for it to get banned by several Top 40 Am radio stations in the US. the song details's the singer's reaction to the dancer and the minute he tries to make physical contact with the girl and tries to make a move on her they spill a bunch of drinks and he gets thrown out of the club and into the streets. Obviously you would think a song about a belly dancer/stripper would get banned from several radio stations given the time and decade this record came out in but I guess the FCC censors cut a little loose and decided to let this one slide and not ban it from any Radio stations. but now that I have my own personal analysis of this song out of the way, let's talk about the band that did this song. the Hollies. man were they a very talented group. I mean not only was Tony Hicks a highly underrated lead guitar player but the group's harmonies were excellent and very up to par and much better then the other British Invasion groups at the time. I mean when you listen to their harmonies you won't be able to mistake them for any other British Invasion group. and on top of that they were also singed to the Same Label as the Beatles (Parlaphone records) in fact the Beatles sighted the Hollies as an influence on one of their tracks off of Revolver (If I Needed Someone) but unfortunately what happened with this particular group is that even though they had hits in England as early as 1963 they became very late in the game in terms of having mega hits in America. their first Top 40 hit in America came in late 1965 but then their second hit and their first Top 10 came out in Late Spring early Summer of 1966 and this was their third hit single. A very good original track that was entirely written based off of real experience. Morris Levy took them to a Strip Club in New York City and they have previously never been to one since they really didn't have any in their home country at the Time (the UK) and they wrote this song based off of that experience. and one of the memebers of this group later went on to have mega success with arguably the first super group. Crosby Stills and Nash (I'm talking about no other then Graham Nash) their first two hit singles were written by Graham Gouldman who later went on to form 10cc in the 70's, a very successful pop group in the 70's.