The 60's

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  • the Chantays "Pipeline"

    Surf Rock was in fact an actual genre of music that was very prominent in the early 60's in the Pre Beatles America. there were many different Surf Rock bands and many of them were from Southern California but very few of them could break out on the charts nationally. and most of the ones that could (with pretty much the only exception being the Ventures, but they weren't even from Southern California but that's besides the point) ultimately wound up being one hit wonders and this band unfortunately wound up being a one hit wonder, but man what an incredible one hit this group was able to have. I mean this record like I say in other posts in this blog is very interesting to me. because it really is the quintessential Surf Rock instrumental record from this era because it has all of the ingredients for it. it was originally recorded in stereo (which basically means there were instruments coming from two speakers a bunch of instruments coming out of the left speaker and a bunch coming from the right speaker) and all of the electric guitars were drenched in Reverb which is an essential ingredient to Surf Rock and to me it sounds like they used the typical guitars that were a typical of Surf Rock back then (Fender Jazzmasters and Jaguars) and not only that but this record was also mixed backwards with the rhythm guitar and electric piano (which I believe was a Wurtlizer on this record) and bass are at the forefront of the mix and while the lead guitar and drums are mixed further back which makes it a very interesting record to listen to especially with good speakers/monitors but overall the strcuture of the song is great because it essenitally pretty much only has a A and a B section which is fine for a Surf Rock instrumental. but really when you listen to this record, surfing a long a Pipeline automatically pops up and that's what makes it such a great record. and anyways, this band was originally from Orange County and they consisted of Brian Carmen, Bob Spickard, Bob Welch, Warren Waters, and Rob Marshall and this record was recorded in a back of a record shop in Downey California and was originally called Liberty's Whip but then the co composer (Brian Carmen) changed the song's name to Pipeline after seeing a surfing movie with a Surfer Surfing to the Hawaiian Banzai Pipeline. it was released in Late 1962 and charted on Billboard in the early months of 1963 (Like Late Jan early Feburary). to conclude this blog post, Surf Rock was mainly an instrumental genre of music until the Beach Boys added lyrics and melodies to surf songs even though only one true original memebr of the band  was a surfer.