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  • the Dave Clark Five "Bits and Pieces"

    in terms of British Invasion Music, there were very few bands in the mid 60's that could successfully compete with the big 4 (aka the Beatles) and few didn't really have the longevity that the Beatles had in order to last past the 60's with very few excpetions (those being the Hollies and the Rolling Stones) but there were some groups that in that moment in 1964 were at one point very good contenders as to who could compete with the Fab Four. those groups included Herman's Hermits, and this band, the Dave Clark Five. In fact in 1964, there were arguments in schools in America and in England amoungst the girls who were like "who was better the Dave Clark Five or the Beatles"? Now one would manage to reinvent themselves in the late 60's and expand their horizons by doing more experimental and deep and emotional songs and was able to succesfully weasel themsevles out of the singles market and into the albums market while one mainly just stuck with their signature sound and was never able to expand outside of that and ran out of steam by the end of 1967 and didn't have any more hits in America where as the other was still very much going strong by the end of the 60's right up until the beginning of the 70's is when things started to splinter for them. but anyways, this blog post is not about the Beatles but it's about the next best thing to them, the Dave Clark Five and specifically this song. man is this a great track. I mean this band was fantastic at putting out loud and humongous singles where they sounded like they doubles and tripled their voices to make their records sound huge and those footstomps and Dennis Payton's roaring bari sax makes this record even louder and even more bad ass. and I bet you any money that when they originally recorded these songs, they pushed the limiters to their peak and there were some major tape distortion on all of the tracks including their lead vocals but Tape distortion can actually sound pretty good unlike digital distortion. and not only that but this band basically came on to the Charts right on the Heals of the Beatles with their first big American hit being released in Feb of 1964 when Beatlemaina was taking over the charts at the time. but anyways, just some things about the band so that way whoever is reading this knows more about the group then by just listening to their music. the DC5 in a nutshell was pretty much a business venture for Dave Clark since he owned and controlled the group's finances (which included their publishing and their masters) and basically paid the rest of the members of the band a weekly salary and treated them very much like hired guns and not as equal band members in a democratic situation where the rest of the band had an equal share in the publishing and mechanical royalties. and also, not only did Dave Clark Not play drums on their big hit singles (Bobby Graham did that) but he also would not allow any American record company to license the group's catalouge for American Distribution in CD Compilations after the group's heyday was over. so because of that, the Band's music was widely unavailable to purchase in America for Years and even though the bulk of the band's original material was credited to Dave Clark and Mike Smith, neither of them actually wrote any of the band's original songs. Ron Ryan actually was the one who wrote the bulk of the band's original Material including this song and Glad All over and Catch Us if You Can and Because. Unfortunately what happened with him was that when the band got singed to Epic Records, Dave Clark was searching for a songwriter to write songs for the band and he was able to find him but what happened was that he found Ron Ryan and was unfortunately dumb enough to allow Clark to take credit for the band's original material and because of that, Ryan did not earn a cent in terms of the publishing or writer's royalties on anything he wrote for the group and all of the songs he wrote for the band, all of the publishin money went to Dave Clark and he didn't even share it with the rest of the band. in a nutshell, even though the band's history wasn't that great, I still think their music kicks ass and still sounds awesome to this day even though their music is well over 50 years old.