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  • The Turtles "You Baby"

    do you ever listen to a song and it's so infections and catchy that you just can't help but fall in love with it from the first time you hear it? well this is just one of those songs that will have you singing along with the lyric and melody right from the first time you hear it. I mean just the way the song is structured from the verses revolving around the hook of the song (You Baby) and the pre choruses building right to the Hook (You Baby) really makes this song an incredibly crafted pop song of it's era. the only thing that's not so great about this record is the somewhat pointless bridge where the writer goes a little off topic where he says a little ray of sunshine a little bit of soul and just a touch of magic, you've got the greatest thing since Rock and Roll, but then he leads straight into the last chorus when he reveal's that he's talking about his girl (You Baby) this is one of those songs that you can definitely tell it will pretty much live on forever because of how timeless the lyrics are and just how catchy and sing-alongable the lyric and melody are. but now that my personal opinion is out the way, let's talk about the guy that wrote the song, he was a local songwriter signed to ABC Dunhil in the 60's named PF Sloan. PF Sloan is a name you probably won't recognize but he was responsible for some of the most enduring Southern California Classics of the 60's (Secret Agent Man and Eve of Destruction just to name a few) him a long with Jimmy Webb became one of the most prominent songwriters to come out of California in the 60's a long with Brian Wilson. now what was so interesting about PF sloan is that he was also signed as an artist to a small label in the late 50's and cut some sides under a different name but those singles went nowhere due to lack of promotion from the label he was signed to. he had his First Hot 100 hit as a songwriter in 1964 with a song by a Chubby Checker sound a like named Round Robin. the song was called Kick that Little Foot Sally Ann, during that time he got signed to ABC Dunhil records as a staff writer a long with his partner Steve Barri, and there is where he was able to write some hit songs for people like Herman's Hermits and Johnny Rivers and Barry Mcguire and the Turtles. I actually got to meet and watch an intervirew with PF Sloan and he said in the interview that he originally intended this song for the Vogues, a new Vocal group at the time to Record it (and they actually did wound up recording it but they never released it) and then the original Sloan Barri Demo of this song somehow found it's way to the Turtles and they decided to record it and it became their third consecutive Top 40 hit as a band after it Ain't Me Babe and Let Me Be (another Sloan Barri Composition) PF sloan was also one of those songwriter that made several unsuccessful attempts of being a solo artist by cutting original songs he's singing lead on under several different names (one of them being the Fantastic Baggys) one of those groups was a group that would later on have success in their own right as the Grass Roots that band originally was just a project name for singles written and sung by Pf Sloan and Steve Barri but their label ABC Dunhill would not allow them to release it under their own name so they came up with the Grass Roots Moniker but they wouldn't even let them tour or promote the hit single so that resulted in them getting two groups to tour under the name the Grass Roots the first incarnation wasn't successful, the next incarnation became way more successful and the band that would go on to sing on such hits such as Let's Live For Today and Midnight Confessions and I'd Wait a Million Years. Long Story Short, PF sloan Died went into complete obscurity after writing those hit songs and after being fired as a staff writer for ABC Dunhill and was able to put out an auto biography later on in his life but then he died a few years back and I was happy to get the chance to meet and talk to him briefly. he was such a nice guy with a very theatrical voice. his music will live on forever.