The 60's

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  • the Lovin Spoonful "Summer in the City"

    there are some records that the best way word to use to describe them to you is pure awesomeness and it doesn't get anymore awesome then this record right here folks. Summer in the City is one of those songs that just has an incredible production on it. I mean everything about it is just incredibly top knotch and professional and the best of the best up until that point. but what really makes this record so good are two main characteristics of it:the electric piano (Played by Artie Schrorek) and the sound effects on the record, i mean right from the very beginning when the piano and the drums kick in where the drummer does a single note figure an the piano player does a double note figure and it's all done so dramatically that it really hooks you in within the first couple seconds of the song, and also, the way John Sebastain sings this song, he does it in a way that it sounds like he is trying to pioneer rap by trying to cram in a bunch of words into a limited note melody to the point where you really have to listen closly to try to figure out what he is saying, but really what's so ingenuis about this record is it's lyrics, I mean it doesn't get more epic then in the chorus where they are "but at night it's a different world go out and find a girl come on come on and dance all night despite the heat you'll be alright" I mean what other lyrics perfectly describe the atmosphere of being in a city during the summertime then that? yeah I don't think there's anymore lyrics that acurately nail that better then the lyrics in this song and also, this uses just the right amount of sound effects of car horns honking on a busy street to make it sound authentic and I love it when the guitar and the piano double each other for this section and then the electic piano and organ kick back in and the song goes back into it's main seciton again. but really the genius behind this song are John Sebastian, and his brother Mark and Steve Boone, the writing team behind this song and Eric Jacobson their producer, this song started out as a poem by John's brother Mark as a homework assingement by him when he was in college that was later turned into a song thanks to him and Steve and they recorded it in two days, one day they did all of the instrumentation and next day they did the vocals and sound effects.