The 60's

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  • Peter and Gordon "I Go to Pieces"

    there's a reason why I always will and keep coming back to 60's music. I don't care if I"m 89 years old I will still have just a strong of a passion and love for this decade of music as I do right now at 22 years old. I might not be able to relate to and connect with each song from this era in terms of the lyrics but that does not take away at all from my passion and love for it. Now this song, I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have heard this song. and trust me, I've heard it over a MILLION times, but after not hearing it for a while, I have to hear it again. it really is one of those songs I tend to gravitate two because of it's pure raw emotion in the lyrics and the chord structure in the song. it utilizes my favorite chords of all time. the minor 3 and the minor 2 chord, and those chords perfectly fit with what's happening in the lyrics. and really it's what's happening in the lyrics that intrique me about this song. right from the very first verse, as soon as he see his ex girlfriend, he can't get his eyes off of her and he becomes weak and vulnerable. he tries to let his arms know to hold someone knew but they don't seem to listen or care. and things get very interesting in the bridge when he all of the sudden turns back the clock and goes back to the moment when his girlfriend said goodbye to him, and things all of a sudden go from third to first person. it seems as if the girl leaves things with him opened ended by saing "we'll meet again soon maybe" but then she quickly closes things off by saying "but until we do all my best to you" and then things quickly go back to the guy being lonely missing his ex, but it's curious as to why he actually misses her because at the last part of the last verse, he says "she hurt me so much inside now I know she's satisfied" I don't know why he misses her and wants to come back to her when she hurt him deep inside. that I"ll probably never know but this song is such a great example of fantastic songwriting. from the switch to third to first person to an amazing hook, definitley a greta record. but what also makes this song interested is the story behind. it. it was written by an American Singer Songwriter named Del Shannon who has had hits with songs such as "Runaway" and "Hats Off to Larry" and "Little Town Flirt"  and he tried to record this song with an artist he was producing at the time he wrote it named Lloyd Brown. when he did that, he shopped the recording around to various different record labels in New York, none of them were interested in putting out the single so he recorded it himself in Mira Sound Studios but was unable to throw down a satisfactory vocal for the song. so he decided since he can't sing the song himself, he would give it somebody else, at the time he had just scored a really big hit despite the onslaught of the the British Invasion called "Keep Searching Will Follow the Sun" and that allowed him to tour worldwide again and share the stages with other popular british Invasion bands. the story goes he was put on the bill with two really huge British Invasion groups. the Searchers and this duo named Peter and Gordon. it was then that he pitched this song to the Searchers and they were not interested in recording it at all, but then Peter and Gordon who were apart of the same show overheard that song and fell in love with it. they gladly asked Del's permission to record hit. he gave them the green light to record it and sooner then later, the duo came back to England and took this song with them for a recording session at Abbey Road Studios produced by John Bugress and Arranged by Geoff Love. Eddie King their guitar tech can also be heard playing the 12 string guitar along with their guitar playing on this record. it was released in Dec. of 1964 in America, and a month earlier in their home country the UK, and it became the 4th consecutive Top 40 hit in America after A World Without Love, I Don't Want To See You Again and Nobody I Know. it also was the first hit they had that was not written by John Lennon or Paul McCarntney of the Beatles. Peter Asher later went on to become a successful A&R Man for Warner Brothers Records producing the likes of Linda Rodstat or James Taylor in the 70's but that's another story.