Recording Services (Tracking and Mixing)

I have my own home studio at my house in my bedroom that anyone can use for an hourly and day rate. I have a 2010 MacBook with Logic Pro X installed, Tascam US 1800 interface with 16 ins and outs and 8 mic pre amps. M Audio BX5 Monitors,  MXL 990 Condensor Mic, MXL R 144 Ribbon Mic, Shure SM58 Dynamic Mic, Rode M5 matched stereo pair small diagphram condensor mics and Audio Technica 20/20 Condensor Mic. I have a Studio 88 weighted MIDI Keyboard and a Fender Musang III Guitar Amp and a Fender Rumble 15 Bass Amp. I have a Epiphone Dot Semi Hollow Guitar a Ibanez Artcore Hollow Body and a Slammer Knock Off Stratocaster. I also have a Squier P Bass with Flatwound Strings and Metal Bridge and Pickup Covers and a fingers rest. I also have a Yamaha Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitar. I also have a drum kit in my garage but I don't have enough room to track and mic it. Contact me for rates at or at 818 621 2658.

  • Recording Services (Tracking and Mixing)