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  • I Want You in My Life

    I Want You in my Life

    By Sam Williams 8/12/13


    Verse 1:

    I Can See You and Me

    Holding hands and Kissing each other


    We would make beautiful music together

    And we would build a strong a powerful love

    That could last forever



    But I can’t kiss your lips and your arms are

    Out of my reach


    And the longer I wait for you the more this

    Loneliness tortures me baby



    I want you in my life

    Baby can’t you see

    I need you beside me baby


    All of the dreams that I’ve dreamed of

    Were about you being close to me


    You’re the only one that I’m thinking of

    And I’ll do anything to find your love


    Even if it means I have to go through all of that

    Strife because I want you in my life.


    Verse 2:

    We would walk on the beach

    And talk about the things in our lives


    And we would say to ourselves

    We’ll never say goodbye


    And you would always be my girl

    And I will always be your guy



    I’ve always said to myself

    That will meet each other someday

    But this emptiness I have inside

    And the hurt and pain compels me to say baby