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  • "She Just Wasn't There For Me"

    She Just Wasn’t There For Me

    By Sam Williams 7/11/13


    Verse 1:

    Fortune Teller please

    Tell me when I’m going to meet her


    Is our love meant to be?

    Is she in that deck of cards that your

    Dealing for me?


    She said I would meet her in between

    The winter and the spring


    And love and affection and appreciation

    She would bring



    I knew in my heart

    It was going to happen


    But now I can finally see


    That fortune tellers only tell you

    What you want to believe


    Because she just wasn’t there for me


    Verse 2:

    Intuit tell me please

    Can u see what she looks like in your crystal ball


    Is she short or is she tall?

    Is her smile picture perfect or a little bit flawed?


    Verse 3:

    She said she has beautiful blonde hair

    And golden eyes of blue


    And she wouldn’t wanna be with anyone else

    Except for you..



    (Horn Solo)