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  • "That's Not You"

    That’s Not You

    By Sam Williams 9/20/13


    Verse 1:

    When you loved me and you held me so tight

    I thought you were the kind of girl

    That caught my eye


    But when you changed your ways and

    Switched it around it didn’t seem to work the way

    It seemed to sound.



    I thought our love was the best you can get

    Out of things that weren’t too good


    But after what you did I started to realize

    That things ain’t the way it should be



    That’s Not You baby That’s Not You

    Your not the kind of girl to do the things that you do


    That’s Not You darling That’s Not You

    And girl you know my love is true


    But if you keep it up this way

    I’m gonna have to say were through


    Verse 2:

    I remember when you kissed me goodnight

    I felt so sure I’ll never have to say goodbye

    but when you acted so different around me

    all of the signs that you gave me were so hard to read

    (pre chorus)