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  • "Don't Have the Time For You"


    I know you really wanna please me

    I know for you it would be so damn easy but

    I’m too busy and I don’t have the time for you


    We could get a good thing going

    But I’m afraid your gonna walk out knowing

    That It can’t happen cause I don’t have the

    Time for you


    Verse 1:

    Don’t be Afraid it’s not the end of the world

    I’m not dumping you for some other girl

    So little time and there’s so much to do

    And If I could I would be there for you


    I’ve tried my best but sometimes it’s tough

    Sometimes the best just isn’t good enough

    What can I do baby what can I say

    It’s time for us to go our own separate ways



    Verse 2:

       I really hope that this isn’t goodbye

       I hope someday you’ll be hear by my side

       This doesn’t mean that I don’t love you so

       But for right now I just have to let you go


    This kinda thing no, it won’t last forever

    And maybe then darling we could be together

    And in the future if your still in love with me

    Will make it happen you’ll just have to wait

    And see.




    (Repeat Chorus for Finale)