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  • "Gone For Good"

    Verse 1:

    Every now and then I wish you would disappear

    So I could feel the way I feel when your not hear

    But I’m so sad because it’s hard to say goodbye


    I don’t wanna be the one who breaks your heart

    I don’t wanna see your whole world fall apart

    And I don’t wanna be the one who makes you cry



    But don’t pretend you don’t know the score

    I’ll tell you once and I’ll tell you once more

    It hurt so bad being misunderstood


    So when I walk through that door

    For I’ll be gone for good

    I’ll be gone for good.


    Verse 2:

    You can tell me that you think it isn’t fair

    You can look but you know you won’t find me there

    Give me a sign and let me know if I’m getting through


    It isn’t really all that hard to understand

    You are you and I will always be who I am

    And there isn’t very much that’s left to do