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  • "Farewell and Goodbye"

    Verse 1:

    Last night, when you weren’t home

    I wondered why you left all alone and that’s

    When I discovered exactly why you weren’t answering

    You’re Phone


    Verse 2:

    So I drove to a Hotel Nearby

    That’s where I saw you with another Guy

    And if I remember correctly you were kissing

    And holding him tight



    Why didn’t you tell me before?

    That you don’t love me anymore

    You could cave saved my little heart

    That’s broken up in two


    If I’d Had known your love isn’t true

    I would have Never fell in love with you

    And Now I think it’s time for me

    To say that were through


    Verse 3:

    So please spare me your lies

    You’re not sorry I can see it in your eyes

    So please just go right now before I start to cry

    Good luck with the rest of your life

    Farewell and Goodbye


    (Repeat Bridge)


    (Repeat Verse 3 to Outro)