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  • "Get Back To You"


    Looking back at all the things we used to do

    Makes me think of just how much I’m missing you

    I can’t bare the thought of us so far apart

    Are you there living with a shattered heart?



    I don’t know but there’s gotta be a way

    To work it out and forget about our yesterdays



    I wish I didn’t say the foolish things I said

    And now I’ll ask you darling can we start again

    I regret the day I said that we were through

    And now I’m crying cause I don’t know what else

    To do For I’ll do anything to get back to you



    I tell myself tomorrow is another day

    There’s someone else but you’re the one that got away

    What can I do? I’m sorry but what’s done is done

    It’s me not you and I became the lonely one







    Baby Please remember me with kindness

    I’m on my knees begging for forgiveness

    I was a fool to ever let you go

    I know that I hurt you but baby I still

    love you so.


    (Last Chorus)