• I Want You in My Life

    I Want You in my Life

    By Sam Williams 8/12/13


    Verse 1:

    I Can See You and Me

    Holding hands and Kissing each other


    We would make beautiful music together

    And we would build a strong a powerful love

    That could last forever



    But I can’t kiss your lips and your arms are

    Out of my reach


    And the longer I wait for you the more this

    Loneliness tortures me baby



    I want you in my life

    Baby can’t you see

    I need you beside me baby


    All of the dreams that I’ve dreamed of

    Were about you being close to me


    You’re the only one that I’m thinking of

    And I’ll do anything to find your love


    Even if it means I have to go through all of that

    Strife because I want you in my life.


    Verse 2:

    We would walk on the beach

    And talk about the things in our lives


    And we would say to ourselves

    We’ll never say goodbye


    And you would always be my girl

    And I will always be your guy



    I’ve always said to myself

    That will meet each other someday

    But this emptiness I have inside

    And the hurt and pain compels me to say baby



  • "She Just Wasn't There For Me"

    She Just Wasn’t There For Me

    By Sam Williams 7/11/13


    Verse 1:

    Fortune Teller please

    Tell me when I’m going to meet her


    Is our love meant to be?

    Is she in that deck of cards that your

    Dealing for me?


    She said I would meet her in between

    The winter and the spring


    And love and affection and appreciation

    She would bring



    I knew in my heart

    It was going to happen


    But now I can finally see


    That fortune tellers only tell you

    What you want to believe


    Because she just wasn’t there for me


    Verse 2:

    Intuit tell me please

    Can u see what she looks like in your crystal ball


    Is she short or is she tall?

    Is her smile picture perfect or a little bit flawed?


    Verse 3:

    She said she has beautiful blonde hair

    And golden eyes of blue


    And she wouldn’t wanna be with anyone else

    Except for you..



    (Horn Solo)



  • "That's Not You"

    That’s Not You

    By Sam Williams 9/20/13


    Verse 1:

    When you loved me and you held me so tight

    I thought you were the kind of girl

    That caught my eye


    But when you changed your ways and

    Switched it around it didn’t seem to work the way

    It seemed to sound.



    I thought our love was the best you can get

    Out of things that weren’t too good


    But after what you did I started to realize

    That things ain’t the way it should be



    That’s Not You baby That’s Not You

    Your not the kind of girl to do the things that you do


    That’s Not You darling That’s Not You

    And girl you know my love is true


    But if you keep it up this way

    I’m gonna have to say were through


    Verse 2:

    I remember when you kissed me goodnight

    I felt so sure I’ll never have to say goodbye

    but when you acted so different around me

    all of the signs that you gave me were so hard to read

    (pre chorus)


  • "Don't Have the Time For You"


    I know you really wanna please me

    I know for you it would be so damn easy but

    I’m too busy and I don’t have the time for you


    We could get a good thing going

    But I’m afraid your gonna walk out knowing

    That It can’t happen cause I don’t have the

    Time for you


    Verse 1:

    Don’t be Afraid it’s not the end of the world

    I’m not dumping you for some other girl

    So little time and there’s so much to do

    And If I could I would be there for you


    I’ve tried my best but sometimes it’s tough

    Sometimes the best just isn’t good enough

    What can I do baby what can I say

    It’s time for us to go our own separate ways



    Verse 2:

       I really hope that this isn’t goodbye

       I hope someday you’ll be hear by my side

       This doesn’t mean that I don’t love you so

       But for right now I just have to let you go


    This kinda thing no, it won’t last forever

    And maybe then darling we could be together

    And in the future if your still in love with me

    Will make it happen you’ll just have to wait

    And see.




    (Repeat Chorus for Finale)



  • "To Catch A Fish In the Sea"



    It’s So Hard to Catch A Fish in the sea

    Even though it feels like it’s gonna happen to me

    I know patience is just what I need but

    Sometimes it’s so hard to catch a fish in the sea.



    Sometimes they say they’ve already been caught

    Sometimes they say they don’t wanna get caught

    Sometimes you don’t want to catch them at all

    But when you do it feels like sometimes.




    Verse 2:

    I know that love is a big game of chance

    And there’s no Guarantee that you’ll find true romance

    One thing’s for sure if you think you are wise then

    Like me you’ll know that sometimes.


    (Chorus 2)


    (Instrumental bridge)


    (Last Chorus)




  • "Gone For Good"

    Verse 1:

    Every now and then I wish you would disappear

    So I could feel the way I feel when your not hear

    But I’m so sad because it’s hard to say goodbye


    I don’t wanna be the one who breaks your heart

    I don’t wanna see your whole world fall apart

    And I don’t wanna be the one who makes you cry



    But don’t pretend you don’t know the score

    I’ll tell you once and I’ll tell you once more

    It hurt so bad being misunderstood


    So when I walk through that door

    For I’ll be gone for good

    I’ll be gone for good.


    Verse 2:

    You can tell me that you think it isn’t fair

    You can look but you know you won’t find me there

    Give me a sign and let me know if I’m getting through


    It isn’t really all that hard to understand

    You are you and I will always be who I am

    And there isn’t very much that’s left to do




  • "Farewell and Goodbye"

    Verse 1:

    Last night, when you weren’t home

    I wondered why you left all alone and that’s

    When I discovered exactly why you weren’t answering

    You’re Phone


    Verse 2:

    So I drove to a Hotel Nearby

    That’s where I saw you with another Guy

    And if I remember correctly you were kissing

    And holding him tight



    Why didn’t you tell me before?

    That you don’t love me anymore

    You could cave saved my little heart

    That’s broken up in two


    If I’d Had known your love isn’t true

    I would have Never fell in love with you

    And Now I think it’s time for me

    To say that were through


    Verse 3:

    So please spare me your lies

    You’re not sorry I can see it in your eyes

    So please just go right now before I start to cry

    Good luck with the rest of your life

    Farewell and Goodbye


    (Repeat Bridge)


    (Repeat Verse 3 to Outro)


  • "Get Back To You"


    Looking back at all the things we used to do

    Makes me think of just how much I’m missing you

    I can’t bare the thought of us so far apart

    Are you there living with a shattered heart?



    I don’t know but there’s gotta be a way

    To work it out and forget about our yesterdays



    I wish I didn’t say the foolish things I said

    And now I’ll ask you darling can we start again

    I regret the day I said that we were through

    And now I’m crying cause I don’t know what else

    To do For I’ll do anything to get back to you



    I tell myself tomorrow is another day

    There’s someone else but you’re the one that got away

    What can I do? I’m sorry but what’s done is done

    It’s me not you and I became the lonely one







    Baby Please remember me with kindness

    I’m on my knees begging for forgiveness

    I was a fool to ever let you go

    I know that I hurt you but baby I still

    love you so.


    (Last Chorus)